Well-known Muslim comedian Baba Ali is back in an all-new series for young children! Hurray for Baba Ali will teach your child basic Islamic manners in a fun and refreshing new way. Let your child learn along side Baba Ali as he is coached by his young friends to be the best Muslim around!


  1. How To Put on Your Shoes
  2. Use Your Time Wisely: Play Sports
  3. Kindness to Animals
  4. Sharing
  5. What to Wear on Jummah
  6. Duah before Eating
  7. Eating with Right Hand
  1. Use Your Time Wisely: Read a Book
  2. Being Kind to Your Parents
  3. Always Tell the Truth
  4. Kindness to Plants
  5. Brushing Your Teeth
  6. Are You Ready for Bed?